Exhibit Design 

Architecture &

Spatial Branding


The ideal exhibit design architecture aims to aid the audience to navigate through its message as they actively participate with its tactical reality. By developing spatial architecture that methodically cradles public engagement with high-level conceptual theories, we enable your brand to transcend from the realm of surface messaging to pure experiential communication.

A brand only has a limited amount of time to capture the attention of its audience and leave a lasting impression. Whether it be a museum exhibit design or a trade show booth design, anywhere your brand occupies should be attention-grabbing and give your audience a full brand experience instantly! At Arc & Co. Design Collective we have extensive experience in creating captivating spatial designs that are both immersive and memorable. 

Service Offerings


We offer a wide range of services in exhibit 

design architecture and trade show booth design realm. Here are a list of what we can help you with: 

  • Exhibit Campaign & Marketing Strategy

  • Trade Show Booth Design

  • Trade Show Marketing Strategy Assessment

  • Temporary Architecture & Pavilion Design

  • Museum Exhibit Design

  • Museum Curatorial Design Aid

  • Small-scale Kiosk Design

  • Retail Space & Pop-Up Store Design

  • Exhibit Interior Design

  • Design Direction & Material Consultation

  • Fabricator and Manufacturer Sourcing

  • Fabrication & Project Management

  • Styling and Staging Creative Direction

  • Branding Strategy & Visual Identity


Case Studies:

Exhibit Design Architecture & Spatial Branding



Here is a selection

of exhibit design 

architecture and 

trade show booth 

design projects 

we have done that 

surely stood out 

from the crowd! 

Manolo Blahnik:

The Art of Shoes



Museum Exhibit Design

Blanco Canada



A Graceful Balance - 

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Wynn Audio



A Space Odyssey -

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Designboom Mart



Pipe Dreams - 

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Marvin Windows & Doors



History of Excellence -

Trade Show Exhibit Design